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List of Special issues and special-focus issues


(2012 to 2019)


  • Special Focus: Critical Factors for Success from Preschool to Advanced Degrees in Education (Winter 2019)


  • Special Focus: Black Power, Politics, and the Black Press: Resiliency and Engaged Learning in Education (Winter 2018)
  • Special Issue: Innovations in African American Educational Research: A Special Issue Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of W.E.B. Du Boisí Birth (Summer 2018)
  • Special Focus: Double Consciousness, Engagement and Relevance in Education (Fall 2018)


  • Special Focus: Historical Perspectives with Current Studies on Testing and Trust in Education (Winter 2017)
  • Special Issue: When Voices Rise: Race, Resistance, and Campus Uprisings in the Information Age (Summer 2017)
  • Special Focus: Ethnic Differences, Experiences, and Connections for All Students in Education (Fall 2017)


  • Special Focus: Research Methods, Cultural Narratives and Responsibilities in Education (Winter 2016)
  • Special Issue: Why We Canít Wait: (Re)Examining the Opportunities and Challenges for Black Women and Girls in Education (Summer 2016)
  • Special Focus: Student Cultural Experiences with Educational Preparations and Recommendations for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (Fall 2016)


  • Special Focus: College Opportunities and Resources for Survival in Education (Winter 2015)
  • Special Issue: Out-of-School Time and African American Students: Understanding the Health, Environmental, and Social Determinants of Academic Success (Summer 2015)
  • Special Focus: Historical Narratives and Race Relations with Implications for African American Males and Faculty in Education (Fall 2015)


  • Special Focus: Black Radicalism, Family and Community Engagement in Education (Winter 2014)
  • Special Issue: 60 Years after Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas: Educational Opportunities, Disparities, Policies, and Legal Actions (Summer 2014)
  • Special Focus: Diversity, Equity and Excellence with Education Values, Satisfaction, and Experiences (Fall 2014)


  • Special Issue: The Race Against Time: Preparing Black Students for the Changing Landscape of Higher Education (Summer 2013)
  • Special Focus: Double Consciousness, Stereotype Threats and Racism in Education (Fall 2013)


  • Special Focus: Adolescent Discipline, Cultural Compatibility, and Academic Achievement in Education (Winter 2012)
  • Special Focus: Historically Black Colleges and Universities (Spring 2012)
  • Special Issue: Testing and Assessing African Americans: Past, Present, and Future Problems and Promises (Summer 2012)
  • Special Focus Topics: Family/Adolescent Studies with Higher Education Studies in Mathematics and Physical Education (Fall 2012)