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List of Special issues and special-focus issues


(2001 to 2013)


  • Special Issue: The Race Against Time: Preparing Black Students for the Changing Landscape of Higher Education
  • Special Focus: Double Consciousness, Stereotype Threats and Racism in Education


  • Special Focus: Adolescent Discipline, Cultural Compatibility, and Academic Achievement in Education
  • Special Focus: Historically Black Colleges and Universities
  • Special Issue: Testing and Assessing African Americans: Past, Present, and Future Problems and Promises
  • Special Focus Topics: Family/Adolescent Studies with Higher Education Studies in Mathematics and Physical Education


  • Special Issue: Preparing Teachers to Teach Black Students; Preparing Black Students to Become Teachers


  • Special Issue: The Role of Spirituality, Religion, and the African American Church on Educational Outcomes (Summer 2010)


  • Special Issue: Academic Success for School-age Black Males (Summer 2009)


  • Special Issue: Learning Communities and the Higher Education of African Americans (Summer 2008)
  • Special Focus: Black Students in Institutions of Higher Education: Harnessing the Legacy, Meeting the Challenges, and Securing the Future (Fall 2008)


  • Special Focus: Looking Beyond the Digital Divide: Computers and Technology in Education (Winter 2007)
  • Special Publication: The Legacy of The Journal of Negro Education : 75th Anniversary Issue (Summer 2007)


  • Special Publication: The Complete Bibliography of The Journal of Negro Education , 1932-2006 (Spring 2006)
  • Special Issue: Research and Its Impact on Educational Policy and Practice (Summer 2006)


  • Special Focus: Early Education and One-Room Schoolhouses (Spring, 2005)
  • Special Focus: Hip-Hop, Rap, and Oppositional Culture in Education (Summer, 2005)
  • Special Focus: Special Education and the Achievement Gap (Fall 2005)


  • Special Focus: A Status Report on African American Leadership in Higher Education (Winter, 2004)
  • Special Issue: The Legacy of Ralph J. Bunche and Education: Celebrating the Centenary Year of His Birth (Spring, 2004)
  • Special Issue: Brown v. Board of Education at 50 (Summer, 2004)
  • Special Focus: Parenting, Family, and Youth (Fall, 2004)


  • Special Issue: Student Mobility: How Some Children Get Left Behind (Winter, 2003)
  • Special Issue: Commercialism in the Lives of Children and Youth of Color: Education and Other Socialization Contexts (Fall, 2003)


  • Special Issue: Juvenile Justice: Children of Color in the United States (Summer, 2002)


  • Special Issue: Black Women in the Academy: Challenges and Opportunities (Summer, 2001)